Which wallets support PLMC?

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  • For Evaluators
  • For Participants
  • For Stakers

On Polimec, network participants require two distinct wallets: a wallet for KYC/AML credential and a funds wallet with PLMC and/or participation currencies. Below is an overview of wallets currently compatible with Polimec.

It should be noted that the wallets and hardware devices listed are third-party products. Polimec does not endorse any specific wallet. Furthermore, the list of compatible wallets may be subject to change, depending on their ongoing compatibility with the protocol.

KYC/AML Credential Wallet

To access all functionalities on Polimec, network participants must complete a KYC/AML check performed by a trusted third-party provider to claim their on-chain credential. Network participants can initiate the credential process by visiting the third-parties’ credential issuance website. Currently, the only KYC/AML wallet supported on Polimec is the Deloitte wallet, which is based on Sporran and can be downloaded here.

Funds Wallets

Polimec currently supports a range of wallets that have integrated PLMC and offer broad support for the Polkadot ecosystem:

Participants must install the wallet extension in their web browser. Once installed, the wallet will appear in the list of selectable wallets when connecting a funds wallet to Polimec through the app.

Additional wallets will be included as they add support for Polimec. If you represent a wallet provider that has integrated PLMC support, contact us.

Signers/Hardware Wallets

Always ensure the safety of your seed and private keys. Polimec does not have access to users’ seed or private keys and cannot provide assistance in cases where an address, seed, or private keys is lost.

Most funds wallets compatible with Polkadot Vault enable the offline storage of seed and private keys. For the latest Polimec metadata updates, Polkadot Vault should be updated here.

It should be noted that Ledger support for Polimec is currently unavailable. Wallets may vary in their offerings for offline storage of seed and private keys. Polimec holds no responsibility for the ongoing compatibility of such devices or methods.

Being listed as a compatible wallet is neither an endorsement, nor a recommendation from Polimec or Polimec Foundation. Neither Polimec, nor Polimec Foundation has vetted or curated the list of wallets and assumes no responsibility with regard to the performance, security, accuracy, selection or use of any third-party offerings, services or products. Neither Polimec, nor Polimec Foundation assume any responsibility for the usage of the listed wallets and exclude all liability that may arise with respect to or as a result of such usage.

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