Migration to Mainnet

  • For Issuers
  • For Evaluators
  • For Participants

Generally, token distribution plans include various distribution modes to launch the issuer’s mainnet. Instead of factoring all the complexity into the genesis block of a mainnet, Polimec allows this to be set in the contribution token phase to be later migrated to its mainnet. Designing and integrating such complexity directly into the contribution tokens generates trust and transparency.

On Polimec, the instance-ID of the contribution token and all contribution token balances are migrated to the new mainnet leveraging XCM to ensure that assets are not lost or duplicated across multiple chains.

Contribution token issuance and mainnet migration:

The contribution token issuance and mainnet migration

Furthermore, the token distribution process can implement particular balances owned by the issuer or under the control of trusted entities. They can serve as a contribution token reserve for the team, early participants, a foundation, or bounty programs. These accounts are maintained directly by the issuer without any funding token equivalent being transferred. This functionality increases transparency in funding rounds as it shows the exact amount of issued tokens and stores corresponding transaction data on-chain.

Today, projects more frequently explore other designs for token distributions with growing popularity. Airdrops of different forms have gained prominence, especially by allocating tokens to target user groups based on network contribution or interest to bootstrap a network at launch. This proved effective in raising awareness and distributing tokens widely if structured correctly. In particular, such an approach may be appropriate for projects aiming to distribute tokens and incentivize participation amongst a specific audience of potential users that have funding support for network development through other means. Airdrops represent a functionality of Polimec as they support the creation of a user base for the contribution token. Issuers can manage airdrops by engaging with their community to request their Polimec addresses and valid on-chain credentials for .

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