• For Stakers

Begin your staking journey with Polimec by delegating your PLMC to the collator(s) of your choice. To delegate your PLMC, visit Polimec's staking dashboard.

Similar to NPoS, where DOT holders can participate as nominators, in Polimec’s delegated proof-of-stake mechanism (DPoS), PLMC holders can engage as delegators. By delegating to collators, they are eligible to receive rewards in PLMC in return. This process, referred to as staking, closely mirrors the procedure for DOT holders on the Relay Chain. During staking PLMC, a staking lock is activated, restricting transfers, evaluations, and participation in projects using the staked PLMC.

Staking rewards for collators and their delegators are paid out in PLMC on a round-by-round basis. The effective staking rewards rate is determined by the amount of PLMC staked in relation to the total supply. The more PLMC staked, the less staking rewards per staked PLMC.

For further information on this topic, visit the staking page.

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