KILT Protocol

KILT is a decentralized blockchain protocol for issuing self-sovereign, anonymous, and verifiable credentials, enabling trust in Web3.

  • KILT uses blockchain technology to represent digital identity without intermediaries. It provides a secure way to create, issue, and verify digital credentials.
  • KILT allows users to claim multiple attributes about themselves and have them attested by trusted third parties. These attributes are stored and can be recalled whenever needed through the trusted third party.
  • KILT does not collect and store any of the data on-chain.

Credential System on Polimec

Polimec utilizes credentials issued by trusted third-parties on KILT to ensure adequate knowledge and verification of all network participants. For issuers, it is essential to sell their contribution token only to persons or entities which are properly certified and have met the KYC/AML standards in accordance with jurisdictional or funding round specific regulatory criteria. Credentials ensure that a given Polimec address has met these requirements. For participants, the credentials ensure that they are properly identified and certified to meet regulatory or other requirements in a privacy preserving manner.

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